One Hearted Awakening

Return Path for a Global One-Hearted Community :
An Invitation to form Spirit Circles

 Let’s start today with a commitment for one-heartedness. Let’s use the wisdom of our traditional wisdom-keepers. Let’s gather together and start spirit circles and discuss our two-hearted ways and heal as outlined in the book “Light on the Return Path” by John Kimmey. John’s teachings on the Hopi prophecy and the warnings that we are in the Great Purification cycle and what to do during these times is a great starting point. Most importantly we learn the Hopi philosophy about the HEART!

 The Hopi Nation has lived in balance for over 4000 years “celebrating life and blending with the cycles and rhythms of mother earth.” The late Dan Evehema’s “Message To Mankind”  and his best selling book THE HOPI SURVIVAL Kit  clearly suggests us to return to the cycles of mother earth with a covenant or commitment.

 We also suggest in your circles to include Buddhist teachings; like compassion or mindfulness.

 According to both Hopi and Tibetan prophecies it’s imperative for these teachings to flourish, so we can lessen our male dominated energies with our inner perceptions, our female side to bring about a more balanced lifestyle.

 We welcome all teachings or inspirations that open the heart!

 MOST Importantly you will be guided by spirit through your own circle.

 Then we Strongly recommend to share your results!

 Let this website create global links of community. Let’s share our  growth, our pain, and our commitment for a better world in balance. This is just the


 Circle up and create one-hearted spirit circles now!

 Sacred Media is here to serve you with any questions or difficulty you may  experience along your path.

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